Not all heroes are known to wear capes, because some heroes wear fur and are considered as “man’s best friends.” Yes, dogs are indeed considered modern-day heroes. They may not have superpowers like the heroes we are so fond of watching on TV, but they have the heart, dedication, and courage to help us in times of need.

Canines are one of the few animals that work in different sectors of our society. While some work on farms as herders and guard dogs, some help law enforcement in keeping us safe. Some even specialize in therapy work, making them an indispensable part of our emotional and mental health.

Like the dogs that are mentioned above, this featured video features an impressive pup who wants nothing more than to save lives. The dog in question, a massive Rotty, whom people might fear due to its muscular build and tenacity, has been trained to save drowning victims. The process of training dogs to determine whether a person in the water is drowning or not may be tedious, but this pooch most certainly passed with flying colors.

In the quick video, the dog can be seen with his handler walking along a river in Hung Yen, Vietnam. The excited pooch wags his tail as he intently observes his surroundings. Moments later, a man aboard a dingy falls into the water. Experience tells the dog that the man is in danger, and so, without a second thought, he leaps into action.

The brave pup jumps into the water and swims towards the “drowning” man. He grabs the victim by his arm and impressively tows him back to shore. With training, the canine hero has become so adept at swimming that it looks easy enough for him to pull the victim out of the water. Such a smart and good boy!

Watch the would-be hero show off his skills in the video below.

Source ViralHog via Rumble


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