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When a deadly tornado hit a neighborhood in Tennesse on March 3rd, many homes were destroyed, and the Johnsons were lucky to survive. Even though their house was completely gone, they only had minor injuries. However, their dog Bella who was a miniature Australian Shepherd, was missing. Eric Johnson suspected that she might have run off because of fear.

They owed their second chance at life to Bella because she was the one who woke them up before the tornado headed toward their area. Eric noticed that Bella was acting strangely, so she turned the TV on to obtain information about the massive tornado. After hitting Nashville, Tennesse was its next target. Eric acted quickly by gathering his family and hiding them in the bathtub.

However, the tornado did not spare them as they were thrown almost 50 yards. Being able to survive such a harsh blow was already considered by the Johnsons as a miracle. Unfortunately, Bella was nowhere to be seen after the destruction, so Eric tried reaching out to his neighbors and ask them to help him bring his brave dog home. They started to feel worried that Bella would never return.

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue also stepped in to help the Johnsons, and with the help of the surveillance cameras in the area, they were able to catch Bella. At first, the dog was frightened, but when she saw her family, it was clear how much she missed them. When she ran away, people noticed that she kept on returning to the same spot, so they made sure to monitor her closely.

Bella was missing for 53 days, and when she was found, she looked dirty and hungry. The Johnsons were glad she was able to return home safe and sound. Their next mission is to start over again by rebuilding their home in the same area.

Posted by Eric Johnson on Sunday, 26 April 2020

Image Source: Eric Johnson via Facebook


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