Nothing is more beautiful than a friendship between two animals of different species. It only goes to show that animals do not discriminate as much as humans do, and it is certainly something that we should learn from animals – the value of friendship that goes beyond skin color.

In the featured video, that friendship is between a German Shepherd and a crow. The dog’s owner rescued the crow when he saw it abandoned in the woods when it was little, and the German Shepherd helped take care of it, eventually creating a bond between them.

They would do things together, and they especially loved playing with their favorite ping pong ball together. They became the best of friends and were inseparable. The German Shepherd and his owner raised the crow into adulthood, even teaching it to fly.

When the crow eventually grew older, it soon flew away to start her own life. Every now and then, the crow would regularly visit her family and play with her best friend. After a well-deserved treat, the crow would then play ball with her favorite buddies.

The trio would spend their time playing with their favorite ball before the crow goes back to the woods where she belongs. Crows are actually the world’s smartest birds, and it is no surprise that the crow in the video understands the value of friendship and family as it regularly visits them despite her living in the woods.

The crow would even bring them gifts from time to time in the form of trinkets that she may have stolen from the neighbors. How adorable! It is the thought that counts, after all.

We can only hope that the friendship between the three will last their entire lifetime. Watch the unusual friendship between a human, a dog, and a crow in the video below.

Source Crowanddog via Rumble


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