When Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte received a text message about two stray dogs, they quickly hopped straight into their car and drove straight to the rescue site. Once they arrived, they saw two young white dogs in the middle of the street. They were filthy and one of them was missing half of its leg.

It’s always a priority to bring dogs into safety before making any move, so Loreta tried and lured Hudson and Lawrence off the street. She offered them food and worked on gaining their trust. She tossed them pieces of cheeseburger and brought them to the sidewalk.

To keep the dogs from bolting and make sure they don’t suddenly run into traffic, Loreta suggested enclosing them in a yard. The rescuers spoke with one of the neighbours, and the owner was kind enough to let them use his yard. He even offered his help capturing the dog.

Loreta continued to gain the dog’s trust while Eldad blocked every possible escape route. She lured them into the yard. It took a little while but once they were all inside, he followed and closed the gate behind him.

It seemed like a pretty easy mission, but there’s more work for the rescuers to do. When they tried to place the leash on them, the dog panicked and fought back. Fortunately, they still had cheeseburgers to try and calm them down.

Once safely secured, the rescuers drove the dogs to the animal care center right away. Lawrence was a bit dehydrated but he wasn’t injured so Loreta immediately washed him and gave him a makeover. Hudson, meanwhile, had to be mildly sedated first. His injured leg caused him pain and the rescuers didn’t want to add any more discomfort to him.

The following day, Hudson had surgery. The vets removed his leg and he spent the next few days recovering. Once healthy, he and Lawrence continued to their foster home with Foxy and the Hounds.

Hudson and Lawrence are doing pretty well. They love the change in their lives and they couldn’t wait to start fresh in their new forever homes.

Credits to Hope For Paws and Foxy and the Hounds


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