Most people picture a police dog as a robust German Shepherd or an articulate Belgian Malinois. The last thing one will imagine is a clumsy Beagle puppy who hardly responds to orders.

Auggie, the Beagle puppy, is a member of the Susquehanna Township Police Department, much like every other canine. He is ecstatic about his career.

He doesn’t sniff out explosives or captures terrible guys, but he does something even more helpful. Everyone who comes into the police department finds love, warmth, and comfort from him.

Despite being such a lovely little dog, Auggie was discovered as a stray by the police. He was found in poor health, but since he was wearing a collar, they thought he had a family looking after him. Furthermore, he was no stranger to being close to humans.

Auggie had to be elsewhere safe. The officers took him to the Humane Society of Harrisburg City, where he was treated for his injuries. Unfortunately, Auggie’s family was never found, despite the police and the shelter trying everything they could to locate them.

The team learned after a month that no one was coming for Auggie. However, before the shelter could place him for adoption, the cops stepped in and promised to adopt Auggie to keep him at the station. Expectedly, Auggie was ecstatic at the possibility.

Finally, Auggie joined the police department as the newest officer. He wasn’t hired to tackle crime; instead, he was given the job of taking over the station.

Meat, drinks, and beds are strewn around the building for Auggie. His primary responsibility is to bring pleasure and warmth to the station’s employees and visitors.

Everyone, particularly the police, civilians, and victims, is relieved to have Auggie around. He manages to put a grin on everyone’s face, which makes the officers more approachable. He does not look like a typical police dog, but he does an excellent job.

Watch how Auggie found his new family in the video below.

Credits: FOX43 News via YouTube


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