This pandemic has been tough on everyone’s livelihood and mental health. With everyone being compelled to stay home, a puppy just might be what we all need.

This pup’s name is Norbert. He’s a tiny pup of unknown breed, but he’s known all over the net by another name – The Therapy Dog. These photos will tell you why he earned that name.

This puppy may be small, but his pull on millions of fans on the net packs quite a powerful punch. Why is such a tiny dog so popular and adored?

First, there’s nothing unlikeable with Norbert’s physical appearance. From his petite size to his cute face, everything about Norbie is adorable.

That’s discounting his most talked-about tiny tongue. The combination of his facial features and cute tongue is a strong force that can’t be ignored.

To add to all of those, Norbie’s a chill and fun-loving dog. He’s obedient, respectful, and smart. You could say he’s got the whole package, and we’re loving it.

Whatever Norbie does, his fans watch. We think they watch him multiple times, with some even binge-watching on his adorable videos.

If Norbie eats something, millions would immediately want to know what he’s eating. To those who don’t know yet, this little guy loves his veggies and everything organic.

He’s a great-looking dude with impressive personal habits that’s worth emulating. If all the world’s idols were like him, this planet would be a better place to live in.

Norbie likes to ham it up for the camera, and his various poses are always on point. Whether he’s wearing a  glittery bow or playing with his Golden Retriever pal, he’s always poised.

Personally, we love Norbie chilling in his jammies. This pup makes everything look good on him, and that’s a special kind of talent. Thanks for reminding us that we could still have fun at home!

Credits to Norbert via YouTube


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