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Every devoted pet owner is aware that their dogs like going on walks. Even if it is raining or snowing outside, dogs will still go for a stroll regardless. What is important to them is they are able to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors.

An Australian complains with its fur mom when it discovers that they cannot visit the dog park because rain is pouring that day. Even though the fur mom vows to try again the next day, it appears the canine would not accept any of her excuses.

In this animated video clip, an Australian Shepherd traverses the living room. When the dog prances around the room, the pet parent pauses and informs the dog that it is pouring.

When Mom finally catches the dog’s attention, she informs her that they cannot visit the dog park. And before Mom can continue her statement, the Australian Shepherd barks at her.

Despite the dog’s objection, Mom reiterates that they cannot go there because of the rain. Yet, the Australian Shepherd continues to bark at Mom despite this.

Therefore, Mum continues to explain to the Australian that it is pouring and they cannot visit the park. Yet, just as before, the irate dog continues to bark at her in an attempt to sway Mom’s decision.

Yet, no of how crazy the Australian sounds, Mum will not change her mind. The mother even concedes that they can visit the park after a trip to the dog wash tomorrow.

But, the stubborn dog continues to make a fuss about it, barking at every opportunity. Mom is annoyed by the dog’s continual barking, so she asks the Australian Shepherd why it is disagreeing with her.

Do you think the Australian Shepherd will finally comprehend why it cannot go on a walk?

Source: Rumble Viral


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