It’s not a new thing for dogs to reach over tables in search of tasty treats. Even if their fur parents forbid them from doing so, canines can’t resist the strong lure of those delish snacks.

Thus, a Shih Tzu-Bichon Frise gets a good scolding from its fur mom after stealing biscuits from the table. With how things look, the doggo needs to stay in the naughty corner for a few hours to atone for its mischief.

Harry, who told you to steal biscuits, huh?

In this amusing video clip, Harry, a Shichon (Shih Tzu-Bichon Frise mix) sits on the wooden floor of a kitchen. At first, you’ll think Harry’s merely gazing at a curious-looking sight in the area.

Yet, before anyone can decipher what the Shichon’s looking at, his fur mom calls his attention. It even comes to a point where Mom labels Harry as a naughty boy for stealing the biscuits on the table.

On and on Mom goes with her scolding, to which Harry only stares silently in response. Mom even pans the camera out for the viewers to see the mess the Shichon made on the kitchen floor.

Mom, sorry. It was just so delicious!

Then, Mom carries on explaining that Harry jumped onto the table to steal the biscuits. With this, the angry fur mom then reiterates to the doggo that what he did isn’t good.

With this, Harry can’t hide his guilt anymore as he tries to look away from Mom. But, as soon as Mom sees this, she commands him to look straight into her eyes.

Harry then follows suit, not wishing for Mom to become angry further. Yet, the Shichon’s resolve only lasts for a few seconds as he again tries looking in the biscuit’s direction.

But, like earlier, Mom sees Harry’s moves and tells him off immediately. With this, the dog follows Mom’s command and continues listening to her never-ending scolding.

Eventually, Mom tells Harry that he shouldn’t steal food even when he’s hungry. Do you think the naughty Shichon finally understands why Mom’s scolding him? Check out the complete footage below to find out.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube


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