When two dogs from different owners fight, both owners have a responsibility to control their own dog. However, sometimes one person blames the other, and the situation escalates to more than just a dog fight. Sometimes the owners are the ones who will get into a feud. Dog trainer Cesar Millan has dealt with a similar scenario, and here’s how the story went.

Nicole and Matt owned a dog named Auggie. He is a very reactive dog and would often get into fights with another dog named Kimo. Kimo is owned by Nicole’s brother, Brad.

Nicole lives near her brother, so morning encounters while walking the dog are unavoidable. Nicole and Matt acknowledge that their dog had issues. However, they also thought that Brad’s dog was an instigator.

The couple asked Cesar what he thinks of the situation. Cesar agreed that Kimo was picking fights. It was dangerous for a smaller dog to be an instigator of fights because that could lead to them getting hurt. Sometimes small dogs might get killed too.

Brad wasn’t the most assertive dog owner. He was a very calm and passive guy. Although Cesar was there to help Nicole with Auggie, the trainer also wanted to work with Brad and Kimo. Cesar had the perfect test for Brad.

The trainer wanted to see if Kimo knows how to respect personal space. Cesar put a circle around Nicole and Auggie using some leashes. Brad needed to come and pet Auggie without triggering an aggressive response from Kimo.

Before Brad entered the circle, he told Kimo to stay put. He went ahead and petted Auggie, and Kimo couldn’t care less. The small dog avoided entering the circle and turned his back instead.

Cesar said that Brad has the potential to be a great pack leader. He knows what to tell his dog and how to handle situations. After saying that, Cesar proceeded to work with Nicole and Auggie again.

Video courtesy of DABL via YouTube.


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