Everyone believes that cats and dogs have mutual animosity. But there are countless situations proving that these animals can be the best of friends.

For one, a distressed Golden Retriever puppy finds refuge in a cat. The cat, on the other hand, seems more than willing to provide the tiny dog with some tender, loving care.

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A reliable feline friend

In a TikTok video, you’ll see how a puppy finds comfort in the company of a Burmese-Ragdoll cat named Fig. At first, the pup is simply chilling on the floor. But all of a sudden, he shows signs of anxiety. Unfortunately, Olive, the puppy’s mom, seems unconcerned.

Fig knows that something is amiss, so he quickly smothers the pup with hugs and some kisses. When the Golden Retriever puppy cries again, the cat reapplies his aggressive grooming strategy. Olive, meanwhile, just leaves. She probably needs to attend to her other puppies.

If you’re wondering if cats and dogs can actually be best buddies, the answer is yes. According to experts, cats and dogs are likely to become lifelong pals if they meet each other when they are still both young. This is because young dogs and cats are not yet exhibiting territorial behaviors, and their fear instincts are not yet manifesting.

What does the TikTok community have to say?

The TikTok video has raked in more than 16 million views. It also has over three million likes, 51.2K shares, and 13K comments.

One commenter says that the puppy and cat’s moment is so sweet. Someone claims that the Golden Retriever mom is just watching Fig because she’s assessing if the cat can be a babysitter. Another jokingly says that Olive leaves the scene to take a nap. A fourth TikTok user comments that Fig acts like the dog is already his baby.


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