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If you surely keep your eyes open, you’ll see miracles everywhere. Occasionally, you may request for a sign that miracles exist, and then an astonishing double rainbow appears. Or you may notice small miracles happening around you – like a friend smiling again after being depressed for a long time.

This dog’s experience is genuinely miraculous and unique. 12 years ago, doctors gave him only three months to live, but he beat all odds by living for more years. The fact that he recently turned 19 is a miracle in itself!

Shakey, a beautiful Jack Russell mix, was seven years old when he was fostered by 33-year-old Natalie Gould.

The dog was underfed and timid when he first met Natalie. He was so scared of people that he refused to leave his cage.

However, Natalie was able to convince the dog to leave the house by offering him a tennis ball. Since then, pleasant games of fetch have brought the two closer together. Moreover, it was evident that Shakey enjoys playing with tennis balls.

Shakey soon evolved into a courageous and energetic dog. Natalie then realized how close she had gotten to the dog. And after a few weeks together, she decided to adopt Shakey.

However, their happiness was short-lived. Natalie’s heart sank when the veterinarian informed her that Shakey had a cancerous tumor in his mouth. A small part of the dog’s jaw had to be removed via surgery.

The veterinarians predicted that Shakey’s cancer would spread following surgery and gave him three months to live. Natalie was even asked if she would consent to having another surgery where a huge portion of the dog’s jaw would be removed to ensure that the dog lived longer. But Natalie refused.

She realized that she would not deprive Shakey the opportunity to play with tennis balls if he only had three months to enjoy life. Fortunately, her decision was right. After 12 years, Shakey is still alive and in good health.

Source: Caters Video


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