Dogs have proven their loyalty over and over again. But while they continuously prove their loyalty to their human families, some might forget that they are also loyal and loving towards their fellow furry dogs. This truth was what Officer Christopher Bisceglia of Orange, Massachusetts witnessed when an unexpected fellow desperately asked for his help — a dog!

The Officer was going on his daily routine one day when an adorable Wheaten Scottish Terrier suddenly grabbed his uniform and barked desperately at him. Since he knew that dogs are certainly not into pranks, he immediately understood that there was something wrong, and whatever it is, it’s urgent.

When the dog realized that he already got the man’s attention, he immediately led Officer Bisceglia across a sizeable frozen field. The Officer realized why the dog was desperately asking for help: a terrier was trapped and buried in the snow.

Wanting to help the trapped dog immediately and to ease the worry of his new friend, Officer Bisceglia wasted no time and called for the fire department’s help. The responders arrived immediately and saved the freezing and shivering dog from the snow, and at last, this dog’s friend, after spending the large part of the worrying, finally calmed down. The dog was initially afraid, but she eventually knew that they arrived at the scene to save her.

Officer Bisceglia and the responders also discovered these two dogs’ names and why they were caught in this sticky (or rather icy) situation.

It turns out that their owner was suddenly rushed into the hospital, which left Jacques and Annabelle alone in their home. They became so worried about their owner that they escaped from their house and searched for him, but their desperate search turned into an accident.

Annabelle suddenly slipped into a snowy embankment and trapped her. Wanting to help his furry friend escape from the barrier as soon as possible, Jacques ran away for a while to seek much-needed help. Luckily, he saw Officer Bisceglia, who immediately understood her barks as a desperate call for help. Saving Annabelle wouldn’t also be possible without the fire department’s quick response.

After being saved from the barrier, Anabelle was fortunate to have no serious injuries but only a few scrapes from the accident. According to the responders, if Annabelle weren’t saved that day, she wouldn’t probably survive a freezing night.

And what’s next for Annabelle and her trusty companion Jacques?

While their owner is being treated in the hospital, these two lovely dogs would be temporarily put under the care of animal control to provide for their daily needs.

Source: CBS Boston via Youtube


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