Dogs are precious and wholesome critters. They make always make sure that their presence is felt. This is an attitude that makes them an ideal companion animal not just for humans but also for their fellow dogs.

Tamale, a blind and deaf dog, might be feeling anxious at times because he couldn’t see and hear what is happening around him. But his best friend named Jimmy is just beside him to make him feel secure. If you want some good vibes to come your way, the story of these two dogs will certainly do the trick.

Dog meets dog

Tamale had been blind and deaf since he was born. Nevertheless, his disabilities didn’t affect his will to live life to the fullest. In fact, he’s a very outgoing dog.

Tamale’s friendliness led him to Jimmy, his best friend in the world. According to Tamale’s mom named Kayleigh Otstot, Jimmy and her dog met at the dog park a year ago. Originally, Kayleigh and Melinda, Jimmy’s mom, had a meet-up at the said park. Eventually, both decided to take their dogs out on walks together.

From there, Jimmy and Tamale had been seeing each other at least once a week or more.

Jimmy loves booping noses

Jimmy and Tamable have become much closer to each other over time. Their friendship is undeniably adorable.

One unique feature of their friendship is Jimmy’s ability to sense that Tamale needs some extra support. This has probably encouraged Jimmy to establish a smart routine.

Whenever the two meet up, Tamale just waits in the car. Jimmy, on the other hand, runs over and boops the other dog on the nose. That way, Tamale has an idea that Jimmy is already beside him. And that booping is clearly a signal that their playtime will begin shortly.

Every time Jimmy and Tamale meet up, Jimmy boops his friend’s nose without fail. He definitely cares about his best pal.

Image Source: Tamale via Instagram


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