Lee is one of the homeless men in Leeds, England. He is twenty-four years old but unlike any other homeless person, he has a canine friend with him, Crystal. Life on the streets was hard for Lee, he sometimes got no food to eat, nights can be cold, and days can be rough. But despite all the hardship of daily life is he always make sure that Crystal is well taken care of.

One day though around January, there was commotion near the place the buddies were at and Crystal got scared. She ran off and Lee was left alone. Lee was devastated, and he tried his very best to look for his four-legged companion. But to no luck Crystal was nowhere to be found.

A few days after Crystal went missing Lee met people from ‘Helping Hands’. Helping hands helps homeless people and provide them with things they need. When they heard Lee’s story they offered helped and contacted some people who might find Crystal.

Toni Mella Sweeney, from helping hands, was the one leading the search. She formed a group of people to look for crystal and even contacted Murphy’s Army to help. They had some leads and a lot of people were supporting them in their search.

10 days have passed since they began their search, Lee’s hope was fluttering with each passing day. Suddenly they got a call from Kirkstall Forge. And that call led them to the one they were searching for, Crystal.

Finally, Lee and Crystal were reunited. Toni witnessing the moment saw how deep the bond between the two is. It was heartfelt and amazing. It was truly amazing how Lee, who have almost nothing, can love someone with his everything. And the people who made the reunion possible was amazing too, showing not all hope is lost in this world.

Credits to Helping Hands


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