Dog enthusiasts love everything that has to do with their canine pals. No matter where these furry canines are, dog lovers do everything to find them.

Thus, dozens of people visit a Husky-themed café in Melaka, Malaysia. And, it seems the main stars of that café reciprocate the love these people portray through playing with them all day long.

Ahh! Too many Huskies in the room!

In this entertaining footage, a group of people sits on the tiled floor of a small restaurant. It seems the crowd waits for someone to enter the glass door as each of them raise their cameras.

Soon enough, a grey-furred Husky enters the glass door and slowly makes its way towards the crowd. Shortly after, loud barking ensues as more Huskies rush towards the open café.

With this, the café’s visitors can’t help but let out amazed exclamations at the sight of the adorable dogs. Even if one of the canines accidentally bumps a camera recording their grand entrance, the people don’t bother so long as they get to see them up close.

Why’re you so adorable?

As the video progressed, more Huskies slowly fill up the already cramped room. Despite the small area, the energetic dogs continue sauntering towards the customers, even allowing the people to pet them.

After their grand entrance, the cute Huskies move towards another room and gather in front of the staff. The dogs sit obediently and merely look at the waitress as she makes her way towards a customer.

Once the customer takes her seat, a pair of Huskies make their way towards her. One of the dogs even placed its paws on the woman’s lap and allowed her to pet it.

Yet, do you think the staff successfully captured an attractive photo of the Huskies with their customer? Take a look at these adorable dogs in live-action in the video below.

Video Credit: ViralHog via YouTube


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