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A cute Maltese named Lamb Chop is enjoying a happy life with her new fur mom, Christin Schubert, in Wisconsin. While it is evident that she is presently under the care of a loving family, she had a traumatic past being a puppy mill survivor. When she was rescued, she never trusted humans, but little by little, with the help of her new mom, she was able to learn to trust again. The best part of getting a second chance at life is being crowned as the World’s Cutest Rescue Dog of 2020.

Even Lamb Chop had never thought in her wildest dreams that she would bag the award considering her rough past. Without a doubt, she deserved the award. Fate made way for Lamb Chop and Christin to meet. Since Christin is known to be an animal lover, rescuing abused and abandoned animals and providing them shelter, falling in love with an adorable pup was no surprise. She recalled that when Lamb Chop was brought to the humane society, she was not in good shape.

Her rotten teeth had to be removed, and her cauliflower ear needed to be treated. She even had tumors that required immediate medical attention. Even though all of the procedures were successful, Lamb Chop’s tongue that sticks out was a reminder of what she went through. Surprisingly, the battle scars made her sweeter, but she was still very shy, which is normal for most puppy mill survivors.

At present, Lamb Chop has improved a lot, and Christin was happy with her transformation. From being a shy dog to a friendly and affectionate pup. She likes eating cheese and cuddling with her plushy toys. While Lamb Chop was healing, Christin made sure that she had a safe space to heal her from emotional trauma.

Out of 10,000 dogs who joined the World’s Cutest Rescue Dog Contest, Lamb Chop emerged victorious.  Her cuteness gained popularity and her own Instagram page. She was proof that despite having a tragic past, abused dogs deserve a beautiful life.

Image Source: Lamb Chop The Puppy Mill Rescue via Instagram


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