Binx is a dog that seems to have it all. He is potty trained, knows several commands, and is very obedient. Not only is he well trained, but he also has a great demeanor.

He loves kids and other animals. And despite being very active and adventurous, he can be quite gentle and sweet. To top it all off, he is a handsome pooch that has one blue and one brown eye.

So the staff at the Arizona Animal Welfare League was stunned when his adopters returned him only after having him home for two days.

When they asked why they were returning Binx, the family said he was just too perfect for them.

More challenge

The shelter couldn’t do anything else but accept Binx back under their care. They think that the family was probably looking for a dog that would pose a challenge to them. Each family has its own preferences, so they respected their decision.

As the staff didn’t want Binx to stay in the shelter for too long, they posted the story on their social media account. People started to react negatively. They couldn’t understand why someone would give up on a dog that was obviously very good.

The shelter staff didn’t want the incident to get bigger than what it should be, so they told the people that Binx was just not the right dog for that particular family. They would rather take Binx back than force him to stay in the wrong home.

 Online fame

Binx started becoming popular on social media, and people were sharing his story. It was even featured on a local news segment. The exposure worked, and soon, the dog found a new home.

This time, his new owners said that they were lucky to have found such a good boy. Hopefully, Binx has found his forever home.

Source: Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA via Facebook


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