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Most dogs love to play with their favorite toy, blanket, or bed that sometimes they cannot live without it. For Theo the Bulldog, that particular toy is a metal bowl! Ever since Theo was a puppy, he always had an unusual magnetism towards metal bowls he can hold and carry around. He treats them like they are his toys and goes crazy about it. So his family just accepted this peculiar behavior of Theo.

When Theo was just a pup, his parents began to observe his bowl addiction right away. Theo would indiscriminately stand with his two front paws in the water bowl. Whenever Theo would finish his food, he will take the bowl and play with it after. Theo would also try to spill the remaining water in his pan so that he can play with it.

Since Theo’s family did not want him to keep overturning his water and food, They decided to buy Theo some bowls of his own to play. They soon learned that Theo would rather have metal bowls than plastic ones because it has an edge that is easier for Theo to hold into it.

Once given his bowls to play, Theo became very excited. He carries it everywhere with him whether he’s taking a nap with it, playing with it, or even chewing on it. He also gives the bowl all over the house and even outside! It is very occasional to see him without his bowl.

However, spending with these bowls over time can get them very dirty. So, the containers usually end up in the dishwater every so often. If Theo manages to see his vessels put in the dishwater, he became heartbroken. He often sits near the dishwater to make sure his toys are okay. So his parents made sure to wash the bowls whenever Theo is not around to make him stop worrying too much.

Theo’s life of bowls

Now, Theo has many bowls that make him happy. He likes to have one on his sight, his family always leaves dishes all over the house, and Theo will still play with it every time. And, if Theo can’t find a pot, he’ll go straight to the water bowl and spill its content and then carry it all around.

Theo has metal bowls that vary in different shapes and sizes. He also has containers that are massive, normal and even baby-sized. His dad thought that the smaller ones are Theo’s favorite because of its lightness and more comfortable to carry around. Theo also loves the more giant bowls, but sometimes it is difficult for him to move it around.

Theo is a jolly dog with lots of bowls that will keep him entertained. His parents are still unsure of what exactly made Theo obsessed with metal bowls so much, but they just accepted what Theo likes and embraced his unusual obsession. Indeed Theo is such a lucky dog to have a family that supports and cares for him so much.

Photos from Instagram via Bulldog Dad


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