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Kala and Luna are Great Danes and they are sisters. They are practically connected to each other and they do everything together.

Going on car trips with their mother to pick up their human brothers from school is their favorite thing to do. When the two go get in their car, they frequently have a dispute about who gets to sit in the front seat.

According to the two canines’ mother, Rachel Smith, Kala usually sits in the front with her. She appears to be the most enthusiastic about it. Luna, on the other hand, has been itching to sit up there, even if only for a few minutes.

Kala and Luna were recently getting ready for another school pick-up run when they swiftly tried to move to the front seat. They both managed to squeeze into it at the same moment.

A video of the two attempting to share the front seat has been recorded.

Rachel couldn’t stop laughing because she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Only one Great Dane can fit comfortably on the front seat of her car. Kala and Luna were able to squeeze themselves in – and that’s two of them!

Rachel claimed her two dogs frequently battle over the front seat of the car, but this is the first time they’ve both sat in it at the same time. She couldn’t believe it because they had previously tried but failed.

Kala and Luna are a smaller version of Great Danes, weighing roughly 105 pounds apiece, so that helped a little, but what they did is still quite an accomplishment. As a result, Rachel decided to take pictures to prove that the sisters had done this amazing feat. She would have let them enjoy it a little longer if they weren’t late picking up their brother from school.

Of course, such a situation is never a pleasant experience. Kala and Luna, however, were eager to give it a shot. Shotgun had been called by both of them. It’s only right that they share the front seat together.

Unfortunately for Kala and Luna, their mother determined that permitting them to ride in the front together was not safe. Instead of taking sides, Rachel told them to go seat in the back. After all, even if they weren’t in the front seat, the two still got to sit next to each other, which is clearly their favorite thing to do.


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