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Almost all dogs have been guilty of mischief and naughtiness at some point in their lives. We occasionally get lucky and capture these antics on tape for everyone to enjoy and laugh about.

In this pandemic, life may be hard but we choose to be happy and enjoy dog stories and videos online. Life also continues, and we make the best of our birthday celebrations. Most of people’s activities have been done online. A live video of a birthday party is one example.

This video is one.

Catharina Chagas is video chatting with her friends to celebrate her birthday. When she started to slice the cake, everyone was still talking. She baked the cake herself, and it looked good and appealing.

All of her friends felt the same thing, and Lolita, our cunning little dog friend, agreed. She is Catharina’s dog, and she has been waiting for her chance to shine.

Catharina shared a slice of the cake with their kind doorman once she finished hers. She momentarily left her pals as well as her cake.

Lolita was also left in the house. She approached the table where the cake was, and she assumed she was alone.

She began helping herself to some of the delicious cake. And, well, let’s just say she took a little more than she intended to.

All Catharina’s pals could do was watch there helplessly as Lolita did what she did. They were attempting to get the dog’s interest away from the cake.

They all thought it was amusing that Lolita seemed unconcerned about what was going on around her. Nothing drew her attention away from the dessert which she was concentrating on.

Lolita believed she wouldn’t be found out, but we all know how wrong she was.

Catharina returned, puzzled to find the cake consumed and on the floor. Her pals were all giggling hysterically.

They emailed a copy of the video to her. She was amused by Lolita’s antics, but it didn’t bother her.

Catharina has no grudges against Lolita. Regardless of what happens, she will always love Lolita. If anything, Lolita made her birthday one to remember.

Source: Stephen Messenger


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