There are different ways of looking at the COVID-19 pandemic. Some see it as a punishment, especially since they’re prohibited from interacting with other people and are required to stay at home. Others see it as an opportunity for the earth to heal, especially since the sky and the sea have cleared up since countries have been put on lockdown.

With the world on a sudden standstill, people found themselves struggling with the transition. Those who are used to the daily grind are adjusting to having more free time. Some of them signed up for work-from-home arrangements to still get some sort of normalcy despite the quarantine.

Others chose to go with the flow and embrace the situation. Celebrities took to Instagram to share what’s been going on with their lives and how they’re dealing with the lockdown. Some uploaded clips of them cooking, photos of books they’re reading, snippets of their bonding moments with family, and so on.

Getting used to it

Aside from humans, dogs are also adjusting to the situation. It confuses them that their owners are spending more time at home, but they’re not complaining. If dogs could speak, they’d probably tell all of us how they’re digging this set-up. Gone are the days that they have to sit by the door and wait for their humans to come home.

Love in the time of COVID-19

Millie Bobby Brown updated her Instagram followers and shared how happy her fluffy friends are now that she’s stuck at home. She also penned in a short note, reminding people about the importance of self-isolation and social distancing during this difficult time.

Another celebrity, Priyanka Chopra, emphasized how crucial it is to stay at home. She also shared how Gino, her German Shepherd, has been giving her warm hugs to make her feel better.

Credits to Millie Bobby Brown and Priyanka Chopra


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